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Our Services for Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater treatment is an important business; one with serious implications for consumers as well as for the environment that we all share. As such, it is critical for wastewater treatment plants to have an array of tools at their disposal for safe, effective, and clean water processing. That can sometimes be easier said than done, as organic and non organic waste can accumulate in tanks, storage lagoons, and beyond—but with the dewatering and waste separation technologies of P&H Senesac, wastewater treatment facilities can ensure optimal results as cost-effectively as possible. For the best Wastewater Removal Service, call the expert team at P&H Senesac.

Since 1985, our team has united cutting-edge technology with the considerable know-how and unparalleled experience of our team members. We are proud to make these assets available to wastewater treatment facilities across the nation. In fact, our founder is a former wastewater plant chief operator—so we know the ins and outs of this industry.

Fast & Efficient Wastewater Disposal Services

Industries consume tons of water for production and other industrial processes. The wastewater discharged by industries is harmful to the environment because industrial wastewater contains a large amount of harmful chemicals in it. These harmful chemicals can be dangerous to In such condition, our Wastewater Removal Service will remove the harmful ingredients and chemical components from the water.

Our Wastewater Disposal Services, for both industrial and municipal applications, are engineered to create a safe and clean water discharge—more often than not, into a river or lake. In order to produce this safe and clean discharge—a discharge that will have minimal impact on the local environment—it is necessary to separate solid waste from liquids, and to evacuate that solid waste for safe and efficient removal.

That is where our Wastewater Removal Service comes into play. Utilizing the most advanced technologies, we provide comprehensive Wastewater Disposal Services.With our advanced centrifuge technologies, P&H Senesac can ensure that wastewater treatment discharge meets all current environmental standards.

Waste Solid Separation

In any wastewater treatment center, solid wastes invariably accumulate.Our Wastewater Disposal Services allow for these solids to be separated from the liquid waste, significantly reducing the total volume of waste that must be disposed of. Our systems can produce a stackable, cake-like sludge that reduces handling costs and provides a range of options for cost-effective Wastewater Removal Service. Additionally, we produce a low Total Suspended Solids (TSS) back to the plant while we are dewatering. This results in minimal impact on the wastewater treatment plant’s process.

Cleanup and Wastewater Removal Service

Indeed, that is the ultimate goal of what we do: We want to have waste clearly separated so that it can be quickly removed and disposed of, and leave tanks and other equipment clean and ready for further use. When done properly, this process can enable wastewater treatment plants to enjoy maximum operating efficiency.

Since 1985, our company has been passionate in this field, and we set the standard for waste separation technology. If you need Wastewater Disposal Services in your area, call us today

Our innovative Wastewater Disposal Services help you manage your wastewater treatment plant and restore health to your wastewater treatment system.

To learn more about what we can do for industrial or municipal wastewater treatment facilities, call P&H Senesac today to schedule a consultation.
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