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Village of Exeter, PA

The Problem

Exeter township was scheduled to upgrade their antiquated, press-based dewatering technology to a modern, high speed horizontal centrifuge in 2008 as part of their wastewater plant upgrade.  After successfully using an Alfa Laval-equipped P&H Senesac dewatering system for a pilot test, they proceeded forward with construction in 2010.  However, they would need a temporary dewatering solution during the upgrade.

The P&H Solution

P&H was able to supply a Spartan temporary dewatering unit In June, 2010.  P&H personnel set up and operated the centrifuge for a week in order to effectively demonstrate that the system could handle the flow rate from the digesters.  After stabilizing and optimizing the process, P&H proceeded with training the plant’s personnel on basic centrifuge operations, process optimization, and troubleshooting procedures.  We provided customized operating documentation including basic start-up and shut down procedures, troubleshooting sheets, and optimization guidelines.  After they took over the operation for the next three months, P&H provided technical and on-call customer support, even responding to calls on Sunday nights.

Four years later, Exeter awarded P&H Senesac a contract to clean out both of their digesters.  From October 22-December 5, P&H successfully dewatered 135 dry tons of biosolids out of two digesters that had not been cleaned out in 15 years.