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Why Choose P&H Senesac

Why Choose P&H Senesac?

Dewatering, sludge removal, and solid waste separation services are necessary in industries across the country—to say nothing of construction and municipal settings. Clients looking for these services require advanced technology, total expedience, and a high degree of budget-consciousness. Not just any dewatering company will do: What you need is the best one—and P&H Senesac more than fits the bill.

There are many reasons to select P&H Senesac over the competition, starting with experience. We have been working in this field since 1985. Not only that, but we’ve been leaders within it: We started implementing mobile dewatering centrifuge technology before doing so was widely accepted, and today it’s standard practice. We have built our name on this pioneering approach, and we are pleased to make our ample experience available to our clients.

What Makes P&H Senesac the Best in the Business

Even beyond our experience, there are several factors that make P&H Senesac highly recommendable for trusted environmental services in Vermont. Consider our team—highly trained personnel who are equipped to leverage our technology to achieve optimal results on your behalf. Our technology is robust and state-of-the-art.

Cost Effective

A note-worthy benefit of choosing P&H Senesac is that we take pride in being cost-effective. We understand that your goal is to make waste disposal as manageable and affordable as possible, and as such, we go to great lengths to evaluate your needs and develop the quickest, safest, and most sensible course of action. We also provide both long- and short-term dewatering systems for rent, allowing you to pick the option that is best for your organization.

Superior Systems in Place

All of our equipment is completely computerized, which ensures maximum accuracy and efficiency. Another important facet of our technology is that it mobilizes quickly. We understand that you need expedient service, and as such, we take pride in being a true rapid response unit. We can get our equipment to any location in the country, get it set up and ready to go fast, commencing work on your project when you really need it to be done.

Advanced Approach to Every Project

In everything we do, we are advanced—thoughtful, cutting-edge, and strategic, all with the intention of providing exemplary service at a rate you can afford. P&H Senesac has become the vendor of choice for a number of different servicing applications, including municipal, industrial, and construction.

P&H Senesac has worked on projects spanning the following applications:

  • Food processing
  • Drinking water plants
  • Baby food formula processing
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Lagoon/pond cleaning projects
  • Digester cleaning projects
  • Sludge holding tank cleaning

State-of-the-Art Mobile Centrifuge Dewatering Systems

Ultimately, our business is enabled by the use of standard-setting mobile centrifuge dewatering systems, which allow for efficient solid waste separation and sludge removal and ensure complete compliance with all current environmental standards. P&H Senesac has invested in upgrading our technology, ensuring that it always remains top-of-the-line. We have two primary systems—the Maximus System and the Spartan System—that are both available for use, along with the guidance and expertise of our highly trained, client-oriented team members.

There are many reasons to choose P&H Senesac, which is why we are the dewatering and solid waste separation vendor of choice for so many entities and organizations.

Learn more about the P&H Senesac advantage and what it means for your project. Contact our team today to learn more.
(888) 524-7013

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