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Short Term and Long Term Dewatering Rentals from P&H Senesac

Removing biosolids and sludge from your tank, lagoon, or digester is a critical step toward maximizing efficiency and complying with environmental standards—yet it is also nearly impossible to achieve unless you have the proper technology. Since our inception in 1985, P&H Senesac has been singularly devoted to building an arsenal of truly up-to-date, cutting-edge dewatering systems; we have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the newest equipment and the latest technology. We are proud to make these systems available according to the client’s needs, as either short-term or long-term rentals.

Short-Term Dewatering Equipment Rentals

inline-services-rentalsFor those who have either small-scale projects or are unsure about their need for dewatering equipment, our short-term rentals make a lot of sense. These shorter rental terms are especially useful for pilot scale testing. We invite our clients to see how cost-effective our dewatering systems really are, trying them on a short-term basis before investing the capital in a long-term acquisition.

Our team is happy to provide a full consultation to help you determine which of our systems is best for you, and whether a short-term/pilot scale-testing rental might make the most sense for your organization.

Long-Term Dewatering Rental

For many of our clients, the dewatering project is ongoing, and a long-term rental might make much more financial sense. For those who have more extensive dewatering, dredging, sludge removal, or tank cleaning, we recommend this approach. The long-term rental approach is especially recommended for municipalities, industrial applications, and commercial applications, such as food processing, drinking water processing, baby food formula processing, and other endeavors.

We have two basic mobile dewatering centrifuge systems to choose from—the full-scale Maximus System and the middle-weight Spartan System. Both are advanced, computer-controlled systems that offer myriad benefits; these mobile systems can be set up expediently and operated by our trained personnel. We can also provide training for your staff members, giving them complete control over the project.

Our equipment is always delivered in proper working order. We provide on-call customer support 24/7. We do all the necessary training our clients need, even delivering custom training paperwork and site plans. Should there arise any issue with our equipment, our team responds very quickly. We aim to be one of the most trusted and efficient dewatering companies in Vermont and other target areas.

Our mission at P&H Senesac is simple: We wish to provide our clients with the expertise and the technology they need to complete their project as efficiently and as safely as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about what that looks like, whether over the short or the long term.
(888) 524-7013

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