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Applications for Our Mobile Dewatering Centrifuge Systems

Since P&H Senesac was founded in 1985, we have been dedicated to be a reliable source of environmental services in Vermont – the development of robust, cutting-edge, and customer-specific sludge removal technologies—systems and processes by which solid waste can be evacuated, separated, and properly disposed of as safely, effectively, and efficiently as possible. This is an endeavor that encompasses a number of applications spanning various markets and industries, and we are proud of our client list’s diversity. At P&H Senesac, there is no sludge removal project that we cannot tackle.


inline-applications-municipalitiesToo often municipal wastewater treatment facilities are forced to undertake biosolids removal from their process at the expense of the overall health of the crucial biological activity that makes modern wastewater treatment possible. This friction between maintaining discharge permits and removing biosolids from the process is unnecessary. Whether your municipal project is for holding tank clean-out, lagoon or pond sludge removal, digester cleaning, or something else altogether, P&H Senesac is proud to offer the talent and the technology needed to get meaningful, process-optimized, and cost effective results. Contact us today to learn more.


inline-applications-industrialAs a rapid-response and results-driven company, we understand that our industrial customers are concerned with coming up with a solution to waste solids handling that keeps the production moving forward. We can keep the production at your plant moving forward with customized solutions for temporary storage pond and tank clean-outs, short- or long-term dewatering equipment rentals, and a variety of other creative solids handling solutions. This is why our technologies and expertise are requested by semiconductor plants, chemical plants, photography companies, synthetic dye printing companies, ceramics manufacturing facilities, food-processing centers, and beyond. No matter the specific nature of your industrial facility, our team can assist through careful consultation with fast and effective results. To learn more about our work in the industrial sector, contact P&H Senesac today.

Application Types

Within these broader sectors, there is a full range of applications in which P&H Senesac is active.

Wastewater Treatment Plants

As sludge and solid waste build up over time, wastewater treatment plants require their holding tanks, anaerobic digesters, lagoons or holding ponds, and aeration structures to be periodically cleaned out. The use of centrifuge technology is optimal to achieve this for our clients in a manner that facilitates cost-effective waste removal. We pride ourselves in working with our customers to provide them with the best overall strategy for each project.

Drinking Water Treatment Plants

Similarly, drinking water treatment plants require the removal of organic and nonorganic waste that accumulates over time. Our mobile units can be set up in a timely manner, providing the most expedient solutions possible.

Food Processing Facilities

Food processing plants need a rapid solution to solids problems that keeps production going, first and foremost. With our rapid-response team equipped with the most cutting edge technology and quickest set-up time in the industry, we can come up with a solution to your waste solids build up that will keep your plant in operation.

Other Industrial Applications

We can offer our services for a wide range of other industrial applications—tank , lagoon and pond waste removal, emergency services, and more. We are pleased to have our equipment and our personnel available on a “rapid response” basis, and can mobilize quickly in order to provide expedient results.

No matter the application, we are committed to excellence in service and hope to provide our clients with robust and cost-effective solutions.

Learn more about our services in waste removal, dewatering, and cleaning. Contact P&H Senesac at your convenience.
(888) 524-7013

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