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Sewage Flood Cleanup

Messes come in all varieties, yet not many messes are as foul or as seemingly un-clean-up-able as a sewage backup. Whether it’s caused by flooding, natural disaster, or a more mundane problem with the sewer lines or septic tank, a backup can result not just in a huge mess, but in significant property damage, as well. If you ever face such a catastrophe, it will be imperative to enlist the expertise of a seasoned sewage flood cleanup company.

P&H Senesac is proud to offer our services in this field. We have a long track record of reliability in the dewatering and sludge removal fields, and can now provide similar dependability in our sewage cleanup services. Take just a moment to learn more about P&H Senesac and our full spectrum of cleanup services.

About Our Services

For decades now, P&H Senesac has been the name people trust for their massive cleanup needs. We’ve proudly assisted municipalities, businesses, construction teams, and industrial facilities in a range of cleanup services. A few examples of our environmental services include:

  • Sludge removal
  • Dewatering
  • Tank and digester cleaning
  • Lagoon cleaning

To this list of services, we are proud to add sewage backup cleanup. Reach out to us directly to find out more.

Our Technology

One thing that sets P&H Senesac apart from other sewage cleanup companies is our commitment to advanced technology. In particular, we have mobile centrifuge technology that allows us to quickly and comprehensively separate liquid and solid wastes, an important step in the sewage cleanup process.

Our mobile centrifuges are on standby at all times and are ready for prompt deployment at a moment’s notice. In other words, we can dispatch our team to your flooding or sewage backup site as soon as you need us. And, we can set up our equipment and get started on the work almost immediately.

Our History

Something else that sets us apart from other sewage cleanup companies is our illustrious history. P&H Senesac was founded in 1985, initially to serve the dewatering and sludge removal needs of our native Vermont. Since then, we have expanded our services nationwide, and are proud of our ability to quickly deploy to any part of the country.

We’re equally proud of our history of innovation. P&H Senesac was using mobile centrifuge technology long before such equipment was in popular use. We were pioneers in the field and are ready to bring that same problem-solving spirit to your cleanup site.

Why Choose Our Sewage Cleanup Services?

To summarize, there are a few simple reasons to choose P&H Senesac the next time you need sewage backup cleanup.

  • We are constantly seeking new ways to expand our technology portfolio, and to more efficiently meet the needs of our client base.
  • Our management team directly participates in the development and implementation of new technologies.
  • We have equipment ready to deploy 24/7, and it can be set up almost instantly, meaning we get to work on your cleanup very promptly.

There are plenty of reasons to choose P&H Senesac for your flood or sewage backup cleanup. The best way to learn more about us is to simply reach out and ask for more information. We’re always happy to advise about cleaning up after a flood or sewage backup.

We would love to tell you more about our history, our technology, and our ample experience as a wastewater removal service. You can also check our Why Choose P&H Senesac page for some additional benefits of working with us.

In the event of a true emergency, it’s imperative that you get the absolute best standards of help. Reach out to P&H Senesac when you’re ready to learn more about optimizing septic and onsite wastewater systems, or to ask about what to do after a flood.

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