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Our Dewatering, Cleaning, & Removal Services

Dewatering, cleaning, and sludge removal is critical services for a wide range of applications—including industrial, municipal, and construction ones. When a storage tank or a solid holding tank area has built up a high volume of sludge, or solid waste, it compromises your entire treatment process and may be violating your discharge permit—and it may also be compromising your environmental standards.

Spartan Panorama

That is what makes the expertise and experience of P&H Senesac, one of the best dewatering companies so invaluable. We have been in the business of dewatering, cleaning, and sludge removal for decades now, and have both the technology and the know-how to safely remove and process sludge quickly and cost-effectively. We can reduce your waste volume and lower your disposal costs, and we can do it all while complying fully with your current discharge permit. Additionally, we do Sludge Lagoon Dewatering without disrupting your current processes!

We can offer all of this through mobile dewatering units, too—which are beneficial precisely because they can be taken to any location and set up promptly, allowing for a truly rapid response. Learn more about what P&H Senesac can do in the important field of solid waste mitigation—and discover why we are the preferred vendor for many drinking water treatment centers, food processing centers, and countless other servicing applications.

Digester Cleaning

Digesters Cleaning ServicesOver time, the accumulation of organic and nonorganic solids can interfere with the efficiency of your digesters—but one of the professional Dewatering Companies, P&H Senesac can assist, cleaning your digesters and restoring your digester equipment to full functionality and efficiency. Our highly trained team members can provide all the venting, flushing, and pumping equipment necessary to clean your digesters fully—and safely. The team can provide all the flushing, slurry of the residual material, the necessary pumping equipment, dewatering, and solid waste transport required for your next digester project.

Lagoon Cleaning

Lagoon Cleaning ServicesThe P&H Senesac team is also pleased to provide solutions for the removal of accumulated solids and sludge from storage ponds and lagoons. Regardless of the size or condition of your lagoon, we have the technology and expertise to fully clean and dredge it, offering seamless Sludge Lagoon Dewatering services. Our Sludge Lagoon Dewatering services are cost-effective, and are best suited for clients’ needs.There is no lagoon we cannot clean, and our work in this field encompasses municipal and industrial lagoons, lime sludge lagoons, sedimentation ponds, manure pits, fine coal ponds, and more. Using our state-of-the-art equipment, the P&H Senesac team can offer water pumping, pump and dredge removal, excavation of dewatered materials, and beyond.

Tank Cleaning

Tank Cleaning ServicesStorage tanks of all kinds, spanning all applications, can accumulate sludge and biosolid buildup. Getting those tanks clean can prove challenging, especially when the material is dense and gritty. As such, it requires the expertise and technology of a company like P&H Senesac in order to get Dewatering Services done fully and safely. There is no type of tank that our fully trained team cannot clean—including digester tanks, sludge storage tanks, aeration tanks, clarifiers, and more. Allow one of the best Dewatering Companies, P&H Senesac to bring the technology and the know-how that are necessary to perform Dewatering Services.

Other Mobile Centrifuge Dewatering Services

Our mission at P&H Senesac has not changed since the company was founded in 1985. We want to provide each of our clients with the best Sludge Lagoon Dewatering experience possible—a solutions-oriented approach that uses robusttechnology and staff know-how in order to yield big cost savings. As such, we are proud of the flexibility of our mobile dewatering services, which include:

  • Pilot testing.
  • Standby and 24-hour emergency services.
  • Short- and long-term project dewatering systems for rent.
  • Contract dewatering Services.

To learn about what one of the leading Dewatering Companies, P&H Senesac can do, do not hesitate to contact our team today.

Mobile Centrifuge Dewatering Systems That Work

At P&H Senesac, we are committed to technology. We have been implementing mobile centrifugetechnologysince it was still largely unproven; today, it is the standard, and we continue to lead the field in our devotion to Dewatering Servicesthat work as efficiently as possible. Over the years, we have invested in equipment upgrades and remain vigilant in ensuring our Sludge Lagoon Dewatering technologies are completely state-of-the-art.

The P&H Senesac Systems come to your site as completely self-contained units. There is virtually no setup and very little lead-time required to be delivered, configured, and running at maximum capacity to solve your Sludge Lagoon Dewatering problems! This means less capital overhead, reduced staff hours, and fewer headaches for you!

We have two primary centrifuge systems that we can offer to clients—The Maximus System and The Spartan System:

The Maximus System

  • Maximus SystemOur largest system, Maximus, can handle 6,000 dry pounds per hour and 500 gallons per minute.
  • Trailer Roof is translucent for improved lighting, enhancing safety. Fully removable to facilitate servicing of the centrifuge – reduces servicing downtime!
  • Stainless steel frame with fully integrated shock-absorbing mounts to virtually eliminate vibration, reduce sound, and improve efficiency.
  • Digital monitoring and reporting sysystems keep track of the key components to reduce inefficiencies and monitor system speed, temperatures, loads, and throughput.
  • All measurements are ready for a complete printout with precise measurements of all data.

The Spartan System

  • Spartan SystemMore of a mid-weight system, The Spartan is a 1,000 lbs/hr or 100 gpm system.
  • Easy access centrifuge system means low maintenance requirements—virtually eliminates downtime!
  • Stainless steel frame with fully integrated shock-absorbing mounts.
  • Digital monitoring and reporting systems with complete reporting capability.

We are eager to consult with your organization to devise the most cost-effective Sludge Lagoon Dewateringprocess possible. Learn more by contacting one of the environment friendly Dewatering Companies, P&H Senesac at your next convenience. (888) 524-7013

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