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When Do You Need Digester Cleaning Services?

Digester Cleaning Services

Digester cleaning is quickly transforming into becoming an established business sector within the digestion industry. Before we get into when you need digester cleaning services, we will understand what anaerobic digestion cleaning is and how it works.

What Is Digester Cleaning?

In many large wastewater treatment facilities and plants, digester cleaning works by breaking down organic waste. The decomposition of the sewage sludge allows the process to produce digester gas from primary or secondary clarifiers. The byproduct (wastewater digester gas) is rich in methane and can be used as an energy source. 

Anaerobic digester mixing systems use a biological process where the microorganisms produce gas by breaking down organic waste. The gasses produced include carbon dioxide and methane. The gas can then be burned like natural gas to produce energy. 

When Do You Need Digester Cleaning Services?

Digester cleaning contractors are usually needed for flood and disaster cleanup when there is a lack of adequate oxidation time, invasion of crustaceans, due to overloading, grit, and trash, or loss of gas recovery. A digester cleaning helps to get rid of grit and debris (rags, hair, sand), which can impact the operations of the digester by preventing the proper digestion process from occurring. Sometimes the grit and debris may not be completely removed with sludge pumps that extract the solids from the digester, and even the ones that get removed may be harsh on the heating and pumping equipment, resulting in higher maintenance costs. Therefore, a digester cleaning service can help to speed up the process and allow the anaerobic digestion plant to operate at its full capacity. 

However, the process of anaerobic digestion can be quite painful for biogas plant operators because it reduces production time, loses some of the biogas, and results in loss of revenue. The process also requires highly trained and experienced professionals who have all of the necessary safety equipment, venting, pumping, and flushing gear to safely and quickly remove all inorganic and organic objects that interfere with the operations of the digester. 

How Does Digester Cleaning Work?

For the purpose of flood and disaster cleanup, digester cleaning uses the help of pressurized water that can dispose of, transport, and remove dirt and other residual solids. Any of the remaining material is then slurred into a semi-liquid form that can conveniently be discharged and removed with the help of pumps. In addition, the trained personnel also have the equipment and capabilities to dewater the removed trash, grit, sludge, and other remains, allowing for landfill disposal. 


It is essential to keep all machines and equipment properly clean and maintained in any field or industry. Any machine or equipment that becomes too dirty could fall into despair and may not function properly. This is why digester cleaning services are required for wastewater plants to ensure that the process of digester does not get hampered in any way. P & H Senesac can serve your cleaning needs for an anaerobic digestion plant and anaerobic digester mixing systems.