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Dedicated Lagoon Cleaning Services

In many communities, storage ponds and wastewater lagoons are strategically positioned, maintained due to their importance for the local municipal water system. These are vital systems, but they don’t maintain themselves. Over time, these storage ponds and lagoons can become full of sludge and murk. As this sludge accumulates, it can lead to real problems—including some basic sanitary issues. That’s what makes it invaluable to know of a good, local pond and lagoon cleaning services— services offered by P&H Senesac.

Our lagoon cleaning and dredging services are powered by the latest technology and backed by a decades-long track record of customer service excellence. Simply put, there is no pond or lagoon we cannot clean. To learn more about our Lagoon Cleaning Services, please contact P&H Senesac at your next convenience.

Lagooning: An Effective Lagoon Wastewater Treatment System

Lagoon Cleaning Services

It’s not commonly understood why lagoons exist in the first place. Lagooning is an important natural water treatment technique, one that makes use of ponds and basins where wastewater builds up. Here, a series of biological processes take place to clean and sanitize the water and ensure consistent flow. In short, it’s a highly efficient form of wastewater purification. With that said, lagoon wastewater treatment systems need routine cleaning (a process called dredging) to ensure it’s working properly.

We are dedicated to provide the top quality Lagoon Wastewater Treatment in the industry. Through an assortment of Lagoon Cleaning Services, we encourage collaborative relationships with our clients. We commit to give you with the reliable, practical wastewater solution accessible.

Our Lagoon Sludge Removal Contractors work with you and your budget to perform complete and effective Lagoon Wastewater Treatment. With advance centrifuge technologies, our Lagoon Sludge Removal Contractors ensure that wastewater treatment discharge meets all current environmental standards.

When Should Lagoons Be Cleaned?

There are a couple of telltale signs that your lagoon wastewater treatment system is due for dredging. The first is that it’s overflowing—a dead giveaway that its natural stabilization has been thrown off, likely by a surplus of sludge and debris. The other common sign that you need Lagoon Cleaning Services is that there is heavy algae and/or cattail growth—again, pointing to a disruption to the natural purification process.

These problems are not insurmountable, but they won’t go away by themselves. You need Lagoon Sludge Removal Contractors with both technical know-how and the proper cleaning equipment to get your lagoon or storage pond back to regular, working order.

Types of Lagoons

Not all lagoons are created equal; there are a few different types of lagoons including: evaporative, aerobic, facultative, and aerated lagoons.

  • Evaporative lagoons use the wind and sun to ensure that wastewater naturally evaporates into the air.
  • Aerobic lagoons are typically deep, earthen basins, where layers of sediment soak up some of the wastewater over time.
  • Facultative lagoons typically include a series of ponds, and they break down sludge and waste through a series of steps.
  • Aerated lagoons are simple ponds that use artificial aeration to promote the biological oxidation of wastewater.

Proffessionl Lagoon Cleaning Services by P&H Senecas

Spartan Panorama

For decades, P&H Senesac has been a leading lagoon sludge removal contractor in target locations throughout the region—and there is no lagoon we cannot clean! Our expertise encompasses:

  • Municipal lagoons
  • Industrial lagoons
  • Lime sludge lagoons
  • Sedimentation ponds
  • Manure Pits
  • Fine coal ponds and more.

To learn more about our Lagoon Cleaning Services, and why you should work with us, look into our list of past projects, including the Grand Central Sanitary Landfill.

Quality Services We Offer

As leading Lagoon Sludge Removal Contractors, we strive to provide exceptional Lagoon Wastewater Treatment to the municipal, commercial, and industrial clients. We are proud to offer a wide spectrum of services to our clients—among them:

  • Water pumping
  • Pump and dredge removal
  • Excavation of dewatered materials
  • And more.

Lagoon Sludge Removal Contractors recommend: Instead of waiting for signs that the system should be cleaned, practice regular cleaning of lagoons to prevent any dysfunction.

Expert Lagoon Sludge Removal Contractors

The P&H Senesac team is pleased to provide solutions for the removal of accumulated solids and sludge from storage ponds and lagoons. Regardless of the size or condition of your lagoon, we have the technology and expertise to fully clean and dredge it, offering seamless Lagoon Wastewater Treatment. Contact us today to learn more about our environmental services!

We are eager to consult with your organization to devise the most cost-effective dewatering process possible. Learn more about Lagoon Wastewater Treatment by contacting the P&H Senesac team at your next convenience.
(888) 524-7013

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