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What are Digester Cleaning Services and Why Hire Professionals?

In any field, it is important to keep all equipment properly maintained. Equipment that becomes too dirty, or falls into disrepair, won’t operate as it usually might. This is certainly true in the field of wastewater treatment, where a number of key tools and tanks can undergo significant wear and tear.

One example of this is the digester. The digester is important for effectively treating wastewater, and ideally it should always be run at maximum capacity. However, it is impossible to run a digester at max capacity if it is overrun with grit, trash, or crustacea. In this scenario, the digester may only provide a small fraction of its normal usefulness.

That’s why it’s so important for any anaerobic digestion plant to invest in the upkeep of its equipment. The best and more efficient way to keep a digester clean is to outsource to a seasoned digester cleaning service.

About Digester Cleaning Services

Anaerobic digestion is an important part of the wastewater treatment process. Basically, a digester is just a big tank into which solid waste can be diverted. This solid waste is usually just referred to as “sludge.”

In the digester, a combination of oxygen and bacteria help break down the sludge into smaller bits of matter. This allows for the solid bits to be separated from the liquid; and, it makes it much easier to dispose of both the solid and the liquid waste.

Anaerobic digester mixing systems play a crucial role in the biogas industry. And yet, without the right maintenance and upkeep, they won’t work as intended. Again, over time and through frequent use, anaerobic digester mixing systems tend to get a lot of dirt and sludge accumulation. When this happens, their capacity is severely limited.

Cleaning Digester Mixing Systems

While digesters are made to be durable, and to hold up well over the long haul, they still need to be cleaned from time to time. This is the best way to extend their lifespan and to maximize their usefulness.

Note that dirt, grit, and crustacea can sometimes develop through misuse. Overloading the digester, or allowing for insufficient oxidation time, can lead to problems. However, even with perfect use, digesters will still build up some residue over the long haul.

It’s worth investing in the services of a professional digester cleaning company, and for a few different reasons:

  • A professional can ensure that your unit is cleaned out completely, which means you won’t have to have it cleaned again any time soon.
  • A professional will work quickly, minimizing your down time.
  • A professional can bring just the right equipment to make sure the project is completed as efficiently as possible.
  • A professional will also be able to supply the expertise needed to do the job right the first time.

These are just a few of the reasons why many wastewater treatment companies choose to work with companies like P&H Senesac, a national leader in digester cleaning.

Why P&H Senesac?

There are several things that set P&H Senesac apart:

  • We have long been at the cutting edge of digester cleaning technology and continue to innovate to this day.
  • We can offer 24/7 emergency response and rapid deployment, as needed.
  • We have a range of equipment to choose from, ensuring we can complete your job properly and cost-effectively.

Don’t risk an ineffectual digester. Instead, reach out to a company that can offer comprehensive maintenance, with minimal down time. To schedule a service call from P&H Senesac, contact us at any time.