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Five Common Mistakes Everyone Makes When Using Digester Cleaning Services

It’s always important to keep industrial equipment properly maintained; that’s certainly true of anaerobic digester mixing systems. This equipment is vital to any wastewater treatment facility, but over time, it can become overrun with grit, garbage, and crustacea. This impedes the equipment from working at peak capacity.

For this reason, it may be wise to routinely hire a cleaning service for your anaerobic digestion plant. Be careful, though, because not all digester cleaning services are created equal. There are a few common mistakes that may cause you to pay more than you should or wind up with a service that isn’t quite right.

Common Mistakes When Hiring Digester Cleaning Services

To help you steer clear of some of those errors, we’d like to offer a quick rundown.

1) Choosing a one-size-fits-all solution.

Different wastewater treatment facilities are inevitably going to have different needs. There are a number of variables to keep track of, including the total number of digester tanks; the size of those tanks; your timeline; and the level of build-up inside each tank. As such, it’s foolish to think that a cookie-cutter solution will help you to efficiently get your digester cleaning project complete.

Instead, we’d recommend looking for a cleaning service that can provide different types of equipment, allowing you to select just the right approach to getting your digester mixing systems cleaned.

2) Not thinking about process disruptions.

A lot of wastewater treatment facilities don’t take into account the simple reality that, as digester mixing systems are cleaned, they can’t be used; as such, there will invariably be some downtime.

Make sure you plan accordingly, both scheduling your cleaning service for an optimal time and also ensuring you work with a cleaning service that knows how to minimize that downtime.

3) Thinking you can do it yourself.

It’s often assumed that, with the right equipment, cleaning anaerobic digester mixing systems is a breeze. That’s not necessarily true. Effectively implementing technology to clean tanks thoroughly and efficiently takes real expertise. If you’ve never done it before, you simply won’t have the technical know-how required to do the job right.

Your team members can be trained, of course, but that’s another big investment of time and resources. A better approach is to find a cleaning company that can supply you not just with machinery, but also with the staffing, manpower, and knowledge required to get the job done well.

4) Not acting quickly enough.

The more you allow your tanks to build up sediment and crustacea, the less productive they’re going to be… and the harder it may prove to get them fully cleaned.

Don’t delay in reaching out to a cleaning service; acting early can ultimately save you some money and some hassle. And if you require a nimble response, be advised that P&H Senesac is proud to offer emergency response and rapid deployment.

5) Not doing your research.

Finally, be aware that a company like P&H Senesac comes with a reputation extending back decades; a robust portfolio of technological innovations; and plenty of satisfied clients to whom we can happily refer you.

Reputation matters, and as you seek a digester cleaning service you can truly trust, it’s smart to do some research.

Ready to Hire a Digester Cleaning Company?

We’d love to assist as you get your equipment back to peak working condition… and we’re happy to help you avoid some of the errors listed on this page.

Find out more about the expertise offered by P&H Senesac. Contact our team whenever you’re ready to talk.